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Learning Approaches at FSGC:


We know as specialists in the area of early childhood development, that children learn through play.  We build on what the child already knows through joyful interactions and exploration with the goal of creating life long learners.  Children who love learning will achieve more at home, in school and in life.


When I paint at the easel, I am learning….

· To develop my imagination and creativity.

· Eye-hand coordination, helpful for learning to write.

· To distinguish shapes and purposely create shapes.

· To express my feelings and ideas.

· Relationships of space and size, necessary for mathematics.

· Concepts of symmetry, balance, and design.

When I sort things, I am learning…

· To match and sort items that are the same and different, a pre-reading and pre-math skill.

· Concepts of color, size, and shape.

· Numerical concepts of more and less.

· Logical reasoning.

When I play with blocks, puzzles, trucks, and dolls, I am learning…

· To exercise my imagination.

· To cooperate with others.

· To solve problems.

· Concepts of shape, size, length, and location.

· To create and repeat patterns, a reading and math skill.

When I talk with others, I am learning…

· To listen and understand spoken language.

· To add my ideas to the discussion. My ideas have value.

· To wait while others are talking.

· New vocabulary connected with the topic of discussion.

When I explore with water I am learning…

· That some things sink and some things float.

· To observe changes as water takes different forms in different containers.

· About different temperatures.

· About wet, dry, and evaporation.

· What happens when you mix water with some thing (soap, food coloring, dirt, etc.)

· Eye-hand coordination as I learn to pour.

· Concepts of empty and full, less and more, relevant to mathematics.

When I climb on playground equipment, I am learning…

· Self-confidence as I develop new skills.

· Physical strength, coordination and balance.

· To use my imagination.

· To cooperate with others when involved in some dramatic play.

· To solve problems.

When I play dress-up, I am learning…

· To be flexible in my thinking.

· To try on different adult roles.

· To solve problems, especially

       socially, through negotiations with     


· To make decisions.

When I play with playdough, I am learning…

· Concepts of shapes, relative sizes, big, small, length, height, etc.

· To express my feelings by squeezing and pounding.

· To exercise my imagination and creativity.

Adapted from:

When I Play I am Learning

Written by Karen Miller Children’s World National Director of Education

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