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Moses Lake


The Moses Lake Denise Schmidt Center is a large facility located in the Larson Housing area.  This center houses six Head Start classrooms, and four Early Care Program infant/toddler full day child care classrooms.  The Denise Schmidt Center also houses Home Based Program staff providing services to infants and toddlers in their homes, and the administrative offices for the agency.


Completed in the fall of 2003, it was the vision and determination of the Family Services Board of Directors and former Executive Director, Denise Schmidt that dreamed of a facility that would become a symbol of hope for children and families. Their desire was that its gardens, offices, playgrounds, waiting rooms, clinic, and even the art on the walls would say to all who enter "you are valued” and you, too, will make a contribution to the life of Grant County.


Classrooms in the Moses Lake facility were purposely designed to establish an environment for young children to enjoy exploring, problem solving, reading, music, the arts, and social interaction.  To learn more about how our children learn, see the School Readiness page.


The Moses Lake community has been very active in making our classrooms special places.  "Library Ladies" come regularly for literature and story telling, along with annual visits from the Fire Department, Police Department and other community partners.  Through these experiences our children are learning about their community.

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