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FSGC does many group activities with parents and children throughout the year. Each one is intentionally crafted to move our long term goals for parents and children forward.

2017 held a fun, exciting, learning process centered around FSGC’s Healthy Lifestyle’s Initiative. We believe the holistic approach to healthy living is not only about the foods we eat, but includes: physical movement, stress management, physical well-being, emotional security, and the support system of a healthy family. At FSGC we surround families with a community that offers support, education, belonging and care.

Several years ago we demonstrated the importance of less TV and more physical activity to parents by starting a monthly “Walking Wednesday” activity during class-room time. This activity serves two purposes, it generated in-kind and increased physical well-being of parents and children. Jennifer, our Education Specialist presented an evening for parents, explaining IMIL (I am moving, I am learning) and how moving impacts the brains ability to absorb nutrition as well as knowledge.

FSGC’s Fatherhood activities have also tied into the Healthy Life-styles goals addressing having fun and building relationships. We have an annual family fishing activity where many families attend.

Circle of Security parenting training was offered to parents who want to learn the importance of attachment for a secure base, and exploration for learning with their infants, toddlers and preschoolers.


email: Catie Carlile

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