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FSGC 2020-2021 Progress 


FSGC Outcomes Comparison with other local children

Teaching Strategies Gold (TSG) is the research based developmental assessment tool that FSGC utilizes to show growth trends with Head Start and Early Head Start children.  Washington State also utilizes TSG to assess the developmental level of all children entering kindergarten.


The chart (right) depicts data for all FSGC children who received Head Start preschool, and for all children entering kindergarten in Ephrata, Moses Lake and Soap Lake.  Many of the children represented within the group entering local school districts may have also attended preschool.


This comparison data shows that FSGC Head Start children were better prepared in four of six domains (math, literacy, cognitive, and language) than the average child in Moses Lake, Ephrata and Soap Lake, regardless of their income (WAKids Data).  While FSGC outcomes in physical and social/emotional development were not as high, this can be attributed to a number of  new young children enrolled late in the year.

1 Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, WaKIDS ( August 2022). Retrieved from

2021 Outcomes.png
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