What is Early Head Start?


Parent Education and Support for 126 Low Income Families with Infants, Toddlers and Pregnant Moms (All children who qualify are from families who meet federal income eligibility guidelines, are in the child welfare system or have special needs/circumstances). 


We have four different models of Early Head Start.


1. Toddler Classroom - two days of class each week and two home visits a month for two and three year olds.

2. Early Care Program - a full nine hour day for infants & toddlers.

3. Home Based  Program - a weekly home visitation program for parents active in teaching their children.

4. Parents and Children Together (PACT) - a special program exclusively for children in the child welfare (foster care) system and their parents.

What is Head Start?


Quality Preschool Education and Family Support for 144 Low Income Children


1. Classrooms are in three communities - Moses Lake, Ephrata and Soap Lake.

2. Six preschool classrooms are four hours per day, four days per week, nine months per year.

3. Two preschool classrooms are six hours per day, four days per week, twelve months per year.

4. Services:

i. individualized assessment and education,

ii. screenings for health, dental, and behavioral concerns,

iii. nutritious meals,

iv. resources to help families be successful, and

v. parent leadership training.

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